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 Custom Engineering provided electrical design and on-site construction support for the Runway 1R-19L. Custom Engineering’s design services included electrical design, plan and specification preparation, cost estimates, and design report narrative writing. Services also included answering questions and preparing electrical drawings and specifications for addendums, as required during the project bidding.

Custom Engineering’s construction scope included review all electrical submittals for the project, response to any electrical field questions during the project, and construction observation assistance. We are also providing a full time on-site field representative for the duration of the project. The field representative may be required to be on site for up to 12 hours a day. Field observations included the following:

  • Perform visual inspection, photograph and record condition of each in-pavement light fixture prior to the start of construction.
  • Observe Contractor during disconnection of existing pavement condition sensors and removal and storage of light fixtures prior to pavement milling.
  • Observe Contractor during pavement coring operations.
  • Observe Contractor during re-installation of light fixtures at the completion of paving and coring.
  • Observe Contractor during installation of pavement condition sensors.
  • Perform visual inspection of each in-pavement light fixture at the completion of construction and report any damage caused by the Contractor.

MCI Runway 1R-19L

Location: Kansas City, MO
Year: 2017
Services Provoided: Electrical Design
Construction Cost: $1,300,000