Commissioning Services

Custom Engineering also offers commissioning services. Commissioning (Cx), especially when applied early in the design process, can mitigate problems related to building systems and materials, and ensure that the design and the final product meet owner expectations for sustainability. Commissioning helps owners, designers and constructors maintain the integrity of core elements throughout the entire project delivery process.

The commissioning process can also be applied to existing buildings that have never been commissioned to restore them to optimal performance. This process is called retro-commissioning (RCx).

Scope for commissioning projects can include:

  • Identify commissioning scope
  • Develop commissioning test details
  • Review contractor submittals
  • Coordinate commissioning process—through commissioning-plan, commissioning meeting and schedule
  • Carry out and document system verification checks
  • Observe and document equipment and system startups
  • Carry out and document functional performance tests
  • Verify reported TAB results
  • Submit final commissioning report
  • Carry out and document any required “off season” functional performance tests
  • Revise and submit final commissioning report

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